Tom Cafarella Shares His Simple 3-Step Process To Double Your Real Estate Commissions By Working With Fix and Flip Investors Without Doing Any Additional Prospecting
The NEW way to sell real estate....
October 25th
3:52 AM Eastern, 6:52 AM Pacific

Tom Cafarella

Tom is the co-founder of Ocean City Development, a real estate investment company based out of Boston, MA. Tom's team has acquired over 500 properties over the past 5 years to either fix and flip or buy and hold.
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You're Going To Learn...
  • How To make money tons of money by helping us acquire properties to fix and flip, including how to get free seller listing leads that we generate by accident and can't work with
  • Why having an investor offer in hand will get you in the door with EVERY seller who is thinking about selling their home
  • How to get access to an unlimited amount of qualified buyer leads(we generated over 1,500 in the past month and literally give them away to our agent partners)
  • Tools and Technology: how to get FREE access to the tools and technology that have allowed us to generate thousands of leads a month
  • Tons more but running out of room here :)
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