How Driven Professional Women Are Rapidly Ditching Binges, Taking Power Back From Food & Fast-Tracking To Their Happy Weight
by working WITH their brain & body instead of AGAINST it

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In this masterclass, you'll discover -

  • The 5-step plan that takes driven professional women from fighting food, getting stressed and feeling defeated to making food just a normal part of life

  • Why driven women experience a longer & harder struggle with food because of their drive (and how to stop this downward spiral dead in its tracks)

  • The real reason mainstream advice and therapy is not sustainable long-term...and how my driven professional clients stop stuffing themselves by fixing the root cause of their binges

  • The unconventional secrets that allow my driven professional clients to eat when hungry, stop when full and not think about food at other times even if they previously felt addicted to food, defeated by it and lost about what to do next

  • they do all this by spending less time on food and more time with their loved ones, on their pet projects and showing up as their true powerhouse selves :)


  • Sai Khanna

    Food Boss, ex-Fortune 50. I help driven professional women master food, feel comfortable & confident in their bodies and live life making the impact they desire at home, work and in their community. My clients say, "I don't feel like binging anymore...I didn't imagine I would ever say this. After 30 years...I'm so grateful for everything I've learnt from you. It's changed my life."