5 Simple Steps To Build A Profitable Invention Without Wasting Time and Money
(even if you've never built anything before)

Sunday, December 08
8:30 AM Eastern Time . 7:30 AM Central Time

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Here's What You'll Discover On The Training:

  • The exact game plan our clients use to go from idea to finished product that's ready to sell and start generating them a healthy income.
  • The super simple exercise that helps inventors and creators laser in and find their perfect target market and ideal customer, making sales a whole lot easier.
  • How they're doing this with far fewer headaches than conventional routes, and navigating all the common patent, design and production bottlenecks.
  • Why blindly depending on traditional invention help companies to build your product is not only the slowest way to get it done ... but costs way more in the long run.
  • Success stories from regular people who have never built a product, but in less than 6 months brought their product to life from scratch, while working a full time job.
  • And how we do ALL of this without relying on outside funding, complicated technology and a degree from Google University.
  • Plus Much Much More...

Donteacia Seymore

Chief Inventor, The Product Yard

American Inventor and Award Winning Strategist

Sunday, December 08
8:30 AM Eastern Time 

Only 100 Spots Available. Register Now!